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Kathryn M. Wohnoutka

Kathryn M. Wohnoutka, OFS, is the author of two books: Mystical Encounters, Miracles, and Divine Love: True Stories of Faith and Stumbling through God’s Plan, which contains the stories of her life after remarriage, sprinkled with humor, mysticism, miracles, Franciscan joy, and adventures on God’s path to greater wholeness, and Whole, Single, Free, ME! An Escape from Domestic Abuse, which shares her spellbinding true story of her abusive first marriage, escape, and recovery. Kathryn continues her journey with more joys, sorrows, healing, and growth. Stay tuned for her third book, which will contain her spiritual teachings and more engaging stories.



Mystical Encounters, Miracles, and Divine Love: True Stories of Fatih and How I Stumbled through God’s Plan

During Kathryn’s journey, she endured suffering and persecution, which strengthened her deep faith and ultimately led to miracles—including one that left her humbled and stunned by how our awesome God used her to accomplish His purpose for the good of many others. In these often amazing stories, Kathryn’s poignant and uplifting experiences will help you:

  • Recognize when the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are working in your life
  • Gain awareness of what feels like “stumbling” is often God’s plan in disguise
  • Realize the importance of trust as you follow God
  • Learn how to survive dry times when God seems distant and become stronger with each step.

Even more importantly, you’ll recognize God is divine love and learn that He wants only the best for you, as stated in Romans 8:28: “We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.”

Mystical Encounters, Miracles, and Divine Love:
True Stories of Fatih and How I Stumbled through God’s Plan

Your story rekindled so many memories and added many details. Thank you,
for sharing your story’s painful but ultimately wonderful resolution.

The Right Reverend John W. Howe, Third Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of Central Florida

An enlightening book of overcoming obstacles, brave determination, and achieving success and peace in a life filled with struggles and hope. It was thoughtfully written and candid. Mrs. Wohnoutka has the gift of storytelling and a faith in God that will touch your heart, and she shares interesting accounts of her own divine interventions and mystical experiences. It encouraged me to reflect on God’s divine love and mercy in my own life!

Amazon review from a reader: FlapJaw



Whole, Single, Free, ME! An Escape from Domestic Abuse

A spellbinding true story of abuse, courage, and recovery that serves as a beacon to others in similar situations or those ministering to them. Journey from the decision that began the abuse situation through the challenges of escape and the work of recovery. The journey consists of suffering, tears, joys, growth, and self-discovery, eventually leading the author to becoming: Whole, Single, Free, ME!

Whole, Single, Free, ME! An Escape from Domestic Abuse

“Kathryn, I am genuinely inspired by what you managed to accomplish under circumstances that could easily have crushed you. But you did not just engage in many activities. You engaged in them with excellence and dedication, while being a single parent. Your deep faith and devotion to God also shines through from the pages…”

The Rev. Dr. Michael Gemignani, CRC. Longtime priest, spiritual director, mentor,
dear friend, and author of several books on spiritual formation. Died on June 1st, 2024.

Excellent testimony to living your best life among life’s most challenging setbacks. Kathryn captures your heart with her story of perseverance and faith. She captures the heartache that is caused when an individual has to leave a toxic situation. This is an excellent read that gives you the strength to do the hard things in life for the greater good. I cried several times through her testimony, smiled when things worked out, and found strength in her victories. It teaches you that there are still good people in the world. Thank you for sharing your story!

Amazon Review from a reader: Jana Bickel